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“Hi, we have decided to go in another direction.”

Have any of you ever experienced something like this? They are not fun emails to get are they?

Whenever I‘m coaching my clients and I hear a story like this, my first question is always, "What did your post-sell step sound like?" For those of you who are wondering what post-sell is, it’s when you have sold something or booked a meeting, but take an extra step in order to make sure that it’s a done deal/ stone cold appointment.

The quickest and simplest post-sell is three simple words “My Biggest Fear”. The technique can be used in many different ways, but my favourite time to use it is after I have booked an appointment. I will say something to the prospect like this:

“Before I hang up do you mind if I share with you what my biggest fear is? My biggest fear is that something in your world might come up that will prevent us from meeting for our appointment. Do you think something like that is going to happen?”

At this point they will either re-tell you why it is important to them to meet, or they will tell you something that might hinder your plans. Either way you want to know before it happens, not after.

Qualify stringently and close easily ladies and gentlemen. Good luck. 


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