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We at Sandler Training have the B-A-T triangle of success, which stands for behavior, attitude and technique. We often ask sales professionals and business leaders what is the most important one out of the three. The most common answer we get is attitude. Although that is a key aspect to the success formula it isn’t the most important.

The most important is behaviour. Why is this? If you just do the behaviours, the technique and results will come and when the results come, your attitude will improve immensely.

An analogy I like to use for this is the gym. You can hate going to the gym and not like doing it. But if you continually go to the gym and exercise, even if your technique is not perfect, you will get into better shape. Once you are in better shape you might begin to like going to the gym. As a result, your technique will improve.

Do the behaviour, the rest will follow.


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