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Sandler Training | Milton, ON

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Kitchens For Keeps

Kitchen For Keeps

Kitchens For Keeps is a family business specialing in kitchen design and fitting and bespoke cabinetry.

The Challenge

Kitchens For Keeps was struggling with sales. Shane was doing all of them and had found himself completely overwhelmed with work. In order to move forward, he was looking to hire a salesperson but didn't know how to train and equip them to do it, which is when he found Sandler Training. 

The Solution

From the outset, Andrew asked a lot of good questions to help understand what Kitchens For Keeps needed. Initially, Shane thought their biggest need was training for a new salesperson, but he quickly realized planning and direction for the business was more of an issue.

As a result, Shane joined Andrew on his leadership program and, once Andrew had helped with the hiring, the coaching, and training of the sales team, it was on to Sales Mastery.


The leadership program has enabled Shane to set his 3-5 year goals and subsequently accomplish them within 6 months!

The coaching Andrew offers has helped Shane see the bigger picture needed to lead. 

Now, with a clear vision and sales process, they are able to close their deals faster, and overall, the company has become a much better place to work, helping attract new staff while keeping their current staff.

WIth Andrews help, we were able to accomplish our 3-5 year goals within 6 months. Our sales process is now much quicker to get to a decision and we are easily able to eliminate tyre kickers.

Shane Everts, Kitchens For Keeps