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Frontier Fencing and Decking

Frontier Fencing and Decking

With over a decade of experience in the fencing and decking industry, Frontier Fencing and Decking creates a one-of-a-kind project that will set your property apart. They use only the highest quality materials and deliver a product that will continue to please for years to come.

They are an experienced and qualified team in a large range of custom-built decks and fences.

The Challenge

Frontier had a lot of trouble with sales. Company Owner Jonathan had a lack of experience with sales, having not had to do it before. He found that the number of time sales took was draining his time off other projects. 

Frontier was being used to give people quotes for free and found they were getting lots of tire kickers. He was wasting time as a 'free consultant.'

The Solution

We began working together, starting with Extended DISC assessments of all the people to understand the team better. Their salespeople then went through Sandler Foundations in order to learn the fundamentals of sales.

Once they completed the course, Frontier moved to Sales Mastery, regular training and coaching with a group of like-minded peers. 


Since starting, Sandler Training has completely changed the way Frontier runs sales. We have helped them transition to a 'digital first' sales strategy. They have been able to move from 'free consulting' to fully paid consulting, even when selling. Most importantly, their close rate has risen to 50%!

Since working with Andrew and Sandler Training, our closing ratio has increased dramatically. We are closing well over 50% of our opportunities.

Jonathan Jagt, Frontier Fencing and Decking