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Sandler Training | Milton, ON

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Crew Leader Training

Learn how to lead your team to success!

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The Sandler Training Crew Leader Training introduces participants to the skills and tactics required to successfully lead and manage a team.

Participants are guided through program modules that focus on:

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills — learn how to communicate effectively with your staff
  • Effective Questioning Skills — managing and leading is about asking questions to help staff understand how to use their skills
  • Training — supervisors will learn how to train their staff to perform their job
  • Coaching — coaching concepts will be introduced and practiced
  • Time management and maximizing personal productivity

This is a 6 session program and runs from December to February, with 2 sessions per month

For more information or to register, call Andrew Wall at 905-864-9915 ext 101 or email

Six Sessions

Session 1

Extended DISC

Dec 3, 2021

Communication Likes & Dislikes
Introduction to D.I.S.C. using Taking Flight Exercises
Handout each Person’s DISC report
Review Common DISC Sections
How to use DISC in the workplace
Communication Pie: Body, Tonality, Words

Session 2

Communication Skills

Dec 10, 2021

Know Yourself, acquire Knowledge and identify Others – Adjust & Adapt
Transactional Analysis
Identity/Role Theory

Session 3

Questioning Skills

Jan 6, 2022

Cone of Learning
Softening Statements
Rule 3+
Presumptive Questions
Chinese Menu Questions

Session 4


Jan 13, 2022

Simon Sinek – Start with Why
Crew Member Training
6 Step Process to Train
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Marshall Goldsmith Video and self-awareness

Session 5


Feb 3, 2022

Critical Behavior Modification
Belief Wheel
Successful Coaching Sessions
Up Front Contracts
Coaching Skill Practice
Attributes of a Successful Coach

Session 6

Dealing with Difficult People & Business 101 Principles

Feb 10, 2022

Karpman’s Triangle
10 Step Process to Manage the Conversation
DISC Style Challenges and Solutions
Profit & Loss, typical business profits
Crew Leader Financial Impact of Leadership

Interested in Funding your Crew Leader Training?

Sandler Training is pleased to be a COJG approved facility and we have worked with numerous Service Providers to help secure training funds for many companies.

To date, Sandler Training Milton helped companies secure over 1 million dollars in Canada Ontario Job Grant Funds! How can we help you get the training your company needs and your piece of the funding pie?

For more information, contact Andrew Wall at 905-864-9915 ext 101.

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