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Client Testimonial Letters

Read what our clients are saying about Sandler Training Milton

Friendly Fires

July 2019

We met Andrew Wall from Sandler Training in the Fall of 2008 at the HPBAC Conference where he spoke on business and sales topics. We were impressed! Shortly after, we engaged with Andrew Wall & Sandler Training Milton to help initially with sales improvement challenges and then morphed into Management and Leadership development for ourselves. From those early beginnings to today, we have worked with them over the decade and have grown from two locations to five and grown our revenues, staff, and number of happy clients dramatically.

In 2018/2019, Andrew provided sales training to our entire sales team via Interactive Remote Learning via our iPads, laptops, or Desktops. Sales grew dramatically during this time. Sandler doesn’t own all the credit, but they made a real difference, so we have continued with them for 2019/2020. If you are wondering how to grow your business, increase customer satisfaction, and help your employees flourish, I would highly recommend Sandler Training presented by Andrew Wall.

Brad Leonard
Friendly Fires

Virginia Burt Designs

March 12, 2016

As a professional design firm, it is common for the owner to be worried about challenges in business development, concerned about day-to-day operations, and frustrated with business management. After all, we are creative types! As the owner of my own landscape architecture firm, I face daily operational and business decisions in addition to the creative process of designing for clients. Our projects were receiving national and international prominence, yet we weren't always attracting the right clients and business development was needed in order to grow and improve. If any of these challenges are familiar please read on.

When I was introduced to Sandler Training by a friend, I searched for Andrew Wall in Milton, ON. Over the past 3 years, I have retained Andrew and his team for a variety of services. From foundational sales training to understanding and identifying my ideal client to honing the skills in client relations, developing management skills, and creating a sales process. Andrew's training and coaching have been invaluable and are consistently inspiring.

Our revenues have increased by 50% in less than 3 years, as well as confidence dealing with and understanding business matters. With a small firm such as mine, this is an unprecedented increase. I wholeheartedly recommend this process.

Virginia Burt, FASLA, FCSLA
Virginia Burt Designs,
Landscape Architecture/Fine Gardens
CSLA National Award of Merit winner

IPC Securities Corp

January 2019

Having taken many training courses over the years, I was very familiar with the halo effect. If I hadn't implemented the training within 3 days, almost none of it would have stuck. The Sandler System doesn't work that way. The continual reinforcement by ongoing training ensures that the Sandler methodology becomes part of your core operating process. Having said that, it wouldn't work or be enjoyable if the curriculum wasn't being taught by an outstanding trainer. Andrew Wall is that person. He holds everyone's attention, presents the material in a refreshing and entertaining style. Andrew dissects real-world situations weekly, and I leave every session with something I can implement that will improve my business.

As a self employed business owner who reaches into my own pocket to pay for Andrew's training, I regularly evaluate for value. Is the training worth my time and am I getting my money's worth? The answer continues to be a resounding yes. As long as I do my part, Andrew Wall delivers results!

Doug Hopkins, CLU™, CFP® , Wealth Advisor
IPC Securities Corp

Landscape Ontario - Waterloo Chapter

February 8, 2016

As the former speaker coordinator for the Waterloo Chapter of Landscape Ontario, I was always looking for speakers who are relevant, educational, and entertaining for our group of business owners and staff. Andrew has spoken to our group several times, and there is always a great response from the group. His insights into Selling and Recruiting have helped many in the chapter to grow their businesses. I would recommend Andrew to speak to your group.


David Wright
Past President
Landscape Ontario - Waterloo Chapter

Landscape Plus Ltd.

December 24, 2015

I don’t think it’s an uncommon problem for companies to hit a ‘revenue ceiling’. Over the years skill sets grow and improve. The body of work expands. The client base expands. But somehow the gross sales number remains the same. As a small to medium business owner you might say, ‘that’s okay, we make a decent living and I love the work so…..’

The challenge is that while you are on this road the overheads begin to creep up on you. Employee salaries, machine expenses, truck expenses, insurance costs, etc. all quietly increase year by year. The ice starts to get a bit thin. The business still looks great from the outside but as an owner, the pleasure you used to bring to work each day gets replaced with anxiety about the numbers and whether you can continue to exist.

Not so long ago this is the position we found ourselves in at Landscape Plus Ltd in Toronto. Our great team was continuing to put out amazing work. Our impressive portfolio expanded every year. From the outside, we looked amazing. However, as the owner, I was hearing the footsteps of overhead creep.

That’s when I retained Andrew Wall at Sandler Training in Milton. Over the last 3 years, I and key members of our team have retained many of Andrew’s services. From the basics of sales training, understanding who your client is, understanding how and why prospects buy, and developing a structured sales process, to developing an overall business plan strategy created and shared by the entire team to coaching and clarifying strategic management issues for myself and my management team. The lessons have been consistently relevant and consistently applicable to my business.

Our ‘revenue ceiling’ challenge isn’t a problem any longer. In the past 3 years, our gross revenues have doubled.

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Andrew and his team at Sandler Training in Milton.

Jim Mosher
Landscape Plus Ltd

Performance Solutions

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi Andrew,

The good news: while others around me freak out and knee-jerk react to the situation, I continue to follow my goals as laid out at the beginning of the year and will either meet or exceed my target of 1.2 million dollars (holy crap; who knew?!) before the year is out.

I can take some credit for this success; however, I owe much of that to you Andrew, and to my experience with Sandler. I would be lying if I said I’m the Sandler poster child, and do everything by the submarine as it were, but the tools and techniques I do put to practice in my daily sales experience, are reflected in the financial success, which is wholly attributed to you and your teachings.

I fully appreciate what a special person you are as a teacher Andrew and the resulting commitment you show to your clients. Not to mention, the program WORKS!

My thanks to all of the team at your office.

Thanks a ton!

John Laforet
VP Sales and Marketing
Performance Solutions

LS Training System

Monday, February 2, 2014

Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to let you know what Sandler has done for me in my sales role. I joined Sandler in the fall of 2013, and I want to share my progress so far, and it is January 2014. It has to be said; I didn’t wait until I knew everything to put the new concepts into practice and into my daily routine.

Immediately I started talking to the owners/decision-makers in any meeting. They know where I stand, what to expect and how to behave. No more “tail wagging the dog”. I am commanding the price we should be. My average sale has increased dramatically. I have taken a price increase for the first time in 5 years, without objection. I leave voicemails and get my calls returned for the first time ever. I am booking more appointments than ever before. I do not chase any leads and now have more time for other projects that need my attention.

The most important thing it has done for me is level the playing field. I am of equal stature and behave in a manner of strength and confidence. I have been in sales for 28 years, and Sandler Training and your methods have put me at the top of my game. You’ve created a monster, a sales monster. Everyone benefits: LS Training System, my staff, and the client.

The change was and continues to be challenging as with anything new. Every day, I work the program, not sliding back to my old ways. With lots of practise and continued attendance in President's Club, I have no doubt that I will reach my target this year and many years to come.

Thanks to Andrew and his team for their professionalism and expertise in The Sandler Training Program. Anyone who finds themselves in a rut and is looking for a viable solution to their problems, this is it!!

Mrs. Arden Urbano
VP, LS Training System, Ambassador of Change

Head over and Watch Our Client Video Testimonials

Watch the Client Video Testimonials

WSI Milton

Tuesday, November-27-12


As someone who has been a Sandler Training Milton client and advocate for nearly 5 years, I have to share my recent experience with you, and I would encourage other WSI Franchisees regardless of tenure to give Sandler strong consideration.

After experiencing exponential sales growth and success during my first few years working with you, I felt I had plateaued and somewhat lost interest in driving my business and subsequently stopped attending your weekly training sessions early in 2011.

As a result of this, although my revenue increased in 2011, my new contract/written business dropped by 15%, and the first half of 2012 was trending about the same.

My revenue has been steadily increasing because of recurring revenue sources and adding new business incrementally, but my complacency in bringing on new business and upgrading existing business has cost us our bottom line this year.

This led to my decision to start attending Sandler Training sessions again on a regular basis in June of this year, and I’m happy to report the following results, which I attribute largely to the Sandler Selling System.

• My 2012 second half, with just over one month left, written contract sales are up 333% over the second half of 2011. Most of this is upgrading current clients and some are new in business.

• The value of contracts signed in the last 5 months is $75,000 higher than all of 2011.

• I have created a process where I get a financial commitment on the first meeting which minimizes spending time without getting paid.

• Nearly all of our newly written business is retainer-based, which has led to increasing our monthly recurring revenue by 20% since June.

I just want to say “thank you” once again for your guidance and advice in helping Denise, and I have ran a successful WSI Franchise for the past 7+ years.


Jason Gervais
WSI Milton Ontario

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Sandler Training Milton has helped hundreds of individuals and companies GROW their businesses over the past 10 years. 

Superior Window Films

March 8, 2010

Hi Andrew,

A few years ago, I decided to invest in a website with a great web hosting company WSI in Milton, Ontario. The website has been very successful generating many e-marketing leads; however, I was very frustrated with my closing ratio. I would spend many hours every evening responding in great detail, to many inquiries we were getting. I was trying to sell the way I wanted to be sold explaining the features and benefits of our company,  spinning my wheels. What was going on?

After an extensive meeting with you, the light went on. My selling techniques were antiquated. I decided that after 31 years in business, I needed to go back to school and get some serious sales training. In less than 3 months with your help, my closing rate has increased by over 20%, and I am far more efficient with my computer time.

Your sales approach and strategy are refreshing and current, designed for the way people do business today. The training is paying for itself in just a short time, and I was surprised to see that I was not the only business person with the same frustrations.

Thank you for all your help Andrew.

Joe Loiacono
Sales Manager
Superior Window Films

CDI Global

February 10, 2010

Dear Andrew:

One of the deliverables we discussed when I signed up with Sandler Training was the ongoing coaching and “mission support” I might need in the course of my work as an M&A advisor.

Well, you have delivered! I can say I am very relieved that I can count on someone as level-headed and focused as you for wise counsel on the essentials of selling a professional service.

I recently met with the CEO of a major tech-services firm. Your advice helped make the meeting flow efficiently and allowed us to get to the core of the problem very quickly.

Thank you for this and all the “mission support” you have provided.

Kind regards,
Cameron Turner
Canadian Partner - CDI Global

Amazing Custom Fabricators

January 26, 2010

To Andrew Wall, Sandler Training,

I joined Amazing Custom Fabricators three years ago. At that time, it was a career change for me in a new industry, as I had been a cabinet maker for 10 years. I was experienced in dealing with clients, so I was confident that this would be a good career move.

As a Customer Service Specialist, I learned a great deal about custom fabrication, dealing with people, and sales. Custom Fabrication is an industry that is vibrant, extremely fast-paced, and filled with opportunities. The company I work with, immediately, enrolled me into Sandler Training in order to equip me with the tools necessary to excel in my portfolio.

Since starting at Amazing Custom Fabricators, I have surpassed my employer’s expectations. I am currently, unofficially, a manager within our facility.

Sandler Training has been of tremendous value. Below, are three major lessons, from Andrew Wall, which have greatly assisted me in my current role: D.I.S.C. personality profiling, establishing bonding and rapport with a client, and assessing clients' pain to determine their “felt need.”

1. D.I.S.C. personality profiling helped me to see myself, and others in a new light. First, I conducted a self-examination. I am so glad to understand myself better and know how I come across to others during business meetings or on the phone. The greatest initial challenge at my job was dealing with certain clients that seemed very pushy. I did not understand highly demanding people, who needed answers faster than I could think (They seemed very rude to me). Later, I learned that their behavioral profile was high (D). I myself, being (I / S), initially struggled with high D personalities; they seemed to be a large portion of my business clients. Once I learned about the behavioral style of a D personality, I no longer took their actions personally and was able to serve them much better.

2. Bond and Rapport is a technique I use the most when dealing with purchasers or business owners. I found that through using this technique I'm able to connect with my clients on a personal level and help them become comfortable with me. After a bond is created, typical automatic defense mechanisms come down, and the client openly explains their actual needs, their actual budget, and whatever personal effect order may be having on their life-- in essence the “true pain.” For example, many people often forget to order components for a job and can get into trouble with their employer. Once I know how I can help them get out of trouble with their employers, I'm in a position to solve their “true pain.” I have received more orders as a result of helping people in this manner.

3. Customers buy to relieve “Pain”: THE CHEAPEST PRICE DOES NOT ALWAYS MAKE THE SALE. Initially, this concept made no sense; however, after I learned lessons from Sandler Training, I conducted an examination of my own purchasing behavior. Low and behold, I made several purchases, based on eliminating pain and trusting the salesperson’s expertise. I said to myself, “It’s true, people pay to eliminate pain and desire professional consultation.” In fact, the largest client we have doesn't come because of offering the lowest price; rather, it’s our service and we solve their pain.

Overall Sandler Training was instrumental in my career acceleration and has made my business life exciting. Andrew Wall's teaching style allows one an ease in understanding the different aspects of the Sandler philosophy. Andrew is fun, brings life to the course, and is highly encouraging.

Pedro DeDeus,
(Customer Service Specialist).


Read Enough?

Is it time to talk to Andrew Wall and start your own success story with Sandler Training Milton today?


WSI Milton

February 3, 2009


As a client of yours for nearly 2 years, I thought it would be appropriate to put into writing how Sandler Training and your professional business and sales coaching has affected my business.

When we started working together in the spring of 2007, my business was nearly 1 ½ years old and was growing, but slowly. At that time I shared with you my frustration with chasing non-decision makers and wasting a lot of my time in doing so. Having a long sales career of 12 years at that time, I was finding success in closing deals but it took way too much time and energy to do so.

Working with you, I have been able to shorten my selling cycle to 2 or 3 calls at most and in some cases even 1 call. On top of this, my average first-year client value has increased by 105%. In 2008, my business grew by more than 65% over 2007. This growth has enabled us to move from our home-based office into a new commercial facility and despite the slowing economy, our business continues to grow thanks to your help.

Through the Management Program, Denise and I are most impressed with the recruiting process that you have taught and personally guided us through. Not only has this enabled us to find a perfect fit for our team, but it enabled us to do so in the most efficient and effective way possible - saving us countless hours of interviewing. The value of having the right person on our team without having a revolving door recruiting process has alone produced a return on investment. Now, on our second round of recruiting, we were able to sift through more than 65 applications and narrow them down to just 5 in-person interviews with highly qualified individuals.

I should also mention that Denise has just enrolled in the Sales Program as well as renewed her enrolment in the Management Program and I have also enrolled in the Management Program for this year as we start to look at bringing on a sales team. This was a substantial investment for us and we know from experience that it will be well worth the money spent.

For any small business owners who are considering using the Sandler System to improve their business, I would strongly recommend your services. Our business would not be where it is today were it not for our involvement with Sandler and your help.


Jason Gervais
WSI Milton

Oakville Direct


When I signed on with you, I knew I was in trouble, but now I have a plan, a course of action to change my selling behavior, and hands-on instruction in a class where we practiced what we were learning. This made perfect sense to me.

The first couple of months in your classes, I didn't see a change, but it was because I wasn't applying what you taught. It was the same old story I would get in front of a potential customer and be nervous and I couldn't remember. Then, you said something that clicked, "If you do just this one thing you will see a difference in your closes." I decided to focus on one change at a time, I could remember that. I telephoned my next appointment and asked if he could make the decision on his own or if he needed to have anyone else there that he would need to consult. It worked, he said yes and he scheduled in his advisor. At the appointment I focused on the "Think it Over" in the upfront contract, that was all I did was add that one piece, and again, it worked. I walked out of that meeting with a new customer.

So, I was bringing on 1 to 2 new customers a month, and my first goal was 3 to 5 new customers a week. The next goal was 1 a day and then 2 a day.

Two weeks ago, after 3 months of weekly classes, things started to click and I was remembering more of what I should be doing. Instead of bringing out my laptop and showing all the features and benefits, I just brought out a complied chart showing them the results of Google searches for their business and how they were not being found. I didn't even mention the features and benefits, instead I listened and asked questions. That week, I acquired 3 new customers all in one day. Last week I acquired 4 new customers again all in one day and a 5th that still asked to think it over. This morning, that ‘think it over' phoned me back and became a customer.

I know the struggle's not over, I still have a LONG WAY to go in learning how to sell this way, but I went from averaging 1 or 2 a month in what I call "Life before Andrew" to 8 in 2 weeks, now that's a definite improvement!

So, "Thank you, Andrew. I couldn't have done this without you!"

See you in class tomorrow!

Cindy Faria
Oakville Direct


December 7, 2007

Dear Andrew,

It has been around 10 months since I have enrolled in Sandler TrainingSM. As one of the founders of a fast growing consulting practice, I had doubts about the value of the President’s Club at the present stage of our business cycle and the investment it would entail. It wasn’t until a couple of months into the program did I really appreciate the strength of the program and the well thought-out mix of delivery and services bundled in the President’s Club. The CDs, Andrew’s consultations, team room tools, course material, and the weekly meetings all work well together to reinforce the selling system. I noticed the benefits and results to my business fairly quickly. By using a more effective approach than I was using previously, I was able to reduce the time spent on closing sales, as well as determining much earlier those opportunities that will not be successful.

My ability to qualify myself to my prospects and for me to qualify my prospects, as well as confidence in bonding and rapport, has significantly increased due to the program. That, combined with application of the 7 step sales system has enabled me to become much more efficient with prospects, greatly diminishing the time from first contact to first invoice for several new clients.

Of note, I greatly value the weekly sessions with other President’s Club members. Due to the project nature of my work, there are entire weeks where I have not been in a “sales situation”. Through class exercises, role playing, and discussion, the concepts and structure of the system are greatly reinforced.

I consider myself fortunate that I did not delay enrollment. Without a doubt, the Sandler Sales System has improved growth and profitability this year and serves as a great base of knowledge for the future. As a business owner, it is comforting to have strong confidence in your ability to generate sales as you make investment decisions for continued growth.


Dean Morris

Cassandra Thompson, CFP

November 30, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Almost a year ago I had the good fortune of connecting with Andrew Wall from Sandler Training SM, which was timely for my business progression.

I was frustrated with “think it over” responses, stalls from prospects, and unpaid consulting. I wanted to expand my prospecting activities without sacrificing valuable personal time. I was not in control.

Andrew’s mannerism is super supportive, no pressure, and approachable. Andrew has a philosophy of believing that no one catches on the first time, which was a huge relief to me, someone very resistant to change. The ongoing, incremental learning and weekly meetings are hugely beneficial.

Never having had formal sales training, I didn’t know it could be packaged into such a neat process, which Andrew makes so highly entertaining and easy to incorporate into ‘everyday’ aspects of my business.

I qualify more effectively and am now spending my time more efficiently, which has increased my profitability. More importantly, I feel great about the time and effort I have put into my personal growth this past year, not to mention the goals I’ve attained, all with Andrew’s continuous, tireless patient support.

I look forward to further building on a great foundation Andrew has helped me create and raising the bar further.

Thank you, Andrew.

Cassandra Thompson, CFP

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