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Sandler Training | Milton, ON

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Chantico Fireplaces

Chantico Fireplaces

Chantico Fireplace Gallery offers 30 years of technical expertise, ensuring quality customer service with the planning, installation, and service of firepalces.

Chantico Fireplaces is a privately owned and operated Family business.

The Challenge

Chantico Fireplaces needed a cleaner selling system, a system that helped their whole team have a common sales language and process to follow. 

They needed help to qualify their prospects effectively, so they stopped wasting time on prospects who were not right for them. They wanted to understand the needs and expectations of their potential clients to ensure a smooth sale and make the rest of the relationship easy.

The Solution

Chanitco Fireplaces went through Sandler Training to help them understand and apply a new sales process. Moving forward, the sales team meets each week and discusses Sandler methodologies and how they are applying them to their current sales.

Andrew and Rory Tomlinson meet and discuss sales management, coaching principles, and how best to apply the Sandler theories. 


Since working with Andrew Wall and Sandler Training, the sales team is more confident in understanding clients real needs and wants. This means they spend less time on selling as they are getting to the real issues much faster. As a result of this, they no longer sell with jargon that their clients might not understand but keep everything focused on their needs, helping improve close rates and decrease the length of sales cycles. 

Sandler is much more designed around the client's desire and selling to those desires. Overall, it is a much smoother way of selling that we would recommend to anyone.

Rory Tomlinson, Chantico Fireplaces