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As a salesperson, here is something you probably already know: people don't feel a strong connection with companies. So in this day and age, having a personal brand is no longer an option; it is a requirement. If people do not see you as a relatable individual and instead starting viewing you as simply the voice of a corporation, you aren't going to last long in the fast-paced world of sales.  In a crowded business environment, you need to establish a unique personal brand that stands out in a crowd. If you start with a strong identity, you will build a reputation as a stellar salesperson.  The Key To Building Trust When talking about personal branding, your character needs to come through in interactions to be truly effective. Put simply, people trust people, not corporations. Talking to a great salesperson can be the highlight of your day if done correctly. Conversely, if your pitch comes across as stiff and scripted, you are losing your greatest strength in one-on-one interaction: trust.  If you have a strong personal brand and people feel that they can relate to you, they will believe your word when it comes to the strength of your product or service.  Authenticity & Personal Branding Personal branding does not mean creating some false identity to put up in front of clients. You are not a two-dimensional cardboard cutout. You need to use your strengths and accentuate what you can bring to the table in business. Authenticity works much better than putting up a false front. People can often tell when you are playing the role of a salesman, and the result is unease and distrust. No one wants to feel like they are being "sold to".  When you are genuinely passionate about your product or service, your enthusiasm will always come through in conversation. This kind of energy is contagious, and your passion will likely rub off and make your interaction more memorable for the customer. Become A Leader Another strength that comes from establishing a solid personal brand is that it gives you a higher perceived value in the workplace. Imagine this scenario: you have an exact twin that works alongside you. However, while you have a charming and unique sales voice, your twin has a flat, boring personality. Who do you think would make the better salesman?  Your personal brand is what makes you different from every other "average Joe" in the business market. Personal branding helps you become a leader, not a follower. Stand out in the sales market!  Those who have an easily noticed and popular personal brand will be perceived as an executive presence. This will give your voice more authority and can even help with promotions and advancement in the workplace.  If you have the reputation as being a take-charge employee, more opportunities for growth will present themselves. Using your personal brand to show your enthusiasm for your work can aid in furthering your sales career. Be Wary of Social Media Don't lose focus on your personal brand. It is a trademark that requires constant upkeep. You need to be reinforcing your brand at all times. One slip in your characteristic identity and people may lose their trust in your "brand". One problem that has arisen in the pursuit of a strong personal brand is the growth in social media reliance in business.  It is easy to cause irreconcilable damage to your brand when you are not thinking ahead about the information you present or the responses you give to customers. By having kneejerk reactions to current events or customer complaints on your social media sites, you can destroy all the hard work you have put into building your customized business foundation.  When it comes to social media, a good tip to follow is to always pause and consider how each experience could affect your personal brand. Sometimes taking a step back and waiting to respond can let you see the situation more clearly, without the excitement of the moment to cloud your judgment.  A Two-Way Street Lastly, personal branding works both ways. If you can get a good feel for a customer's personality, wants, and needs, you can decide whether they are a solid lead to pursue. When your personal brand clicks with someone else, that is how a good business partnership can be formed.  Working in sales is a lot like dating. You want to find someone who is a good "match" for you. Don't waste your time with someone who is probably a cold lead. When the right business client comes along, it just works.  If you don't have a solid personal brand built in the sales world, develop yours fast. Without this firm foundation in your business practices, your voice will get lost in the deafening noise of the sales world

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