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Ryan Wall

Neapolitan ice cream was first created in the nineteenth century by the Italians. What they had come to realize was that if they used a combination of ice creams, they would have more people buy their product because their customers enjoyed getting a little bit of everything.

We at Sandler Training have the B-A-T triangle of success, which stands for behavior, attitude and technique. We often ask sales professionals and business leaders what is the most important one out of the three. The most common answer we get is attitude. Although that is a key aspect to the success formula it isn’t the most important.

Discover some of the stumbling blocks when selling to homeowners.

Don’t surprise prospects. This is one of the most important rules in Sandler Training. It is such a simple idea, just not easy.

Do your prospecting calls stand out from the competition or do they sound like stereotypical cold calls?

Stan was frustrated. He kept getting “shot down on price” during discussions with prospective buyers. He knew he was supposed to talk directly about money issues before making a presentation . . . but somehow he never seemed to iron out the details in a way that gave him a clear sense of whether the buyer felt his pricing was acceptable.

Discover what motivates your team and use it to set them up for success.

“Hi, we have decided to go in another direction.”

Have any of you ever experienced something like this? They are not fun emails to get are they?

Marina was having some problems with the opening phases of her sales process. Her early discussions with prospects were rarely productive. She sat down with Fred, her manager, and did some role-playing in the hope of improving her interviewing technique. During the role-play session, Fred shared a strategy Marina hadn't heard of. He called it “stripping line.”

Jane, a new sales hire, was settling into her workspace on Friday morning, all ready to celebrate the first quarter in which she’d been able to exceed her revenue target . . . when she got a voicemail message that made her stomach churn.

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