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As a Sandler Sales Trainer and Sales Professional, I get asked all the time how do we keep our great clients and expand business with them?

The answer is using the RECONR activity.

Sales People, Account Managers and Project Managers should be meeting with clients after a significant project is completed, quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on the frequency of purchases.

These meetings should focus on the Sales Person covering the following topics:


Review, remember, remind me what did you start working with us again?

Evaluate, how are we doing against your expectations? (Be prepared to blush

Change, what has changed in your world, let me tell you what has changed in our world, now share success stories of clients benefitting from other products/services you offer.

Opportunities, as a result of these changes are there any opportunities we should discuss?

Next Steps, as a result of these opportunities, what should happen next?

Referral, ask effectively for a referral.

The RECONR strategy is a Terrific Account Retention, Account Expansion and Prospecting Strategy.
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