The Year is Half Over...Are You on Target to Meet Your Sales Goals?

An Exclusive Workshop for CEOs, Presidents and Business Owners.

Your team has brought you this far, but do they possess the strength to fulfill your vision of the future?
Hidden strengths and weaknesses have an impact on your sales and profits. Find out how to take advantage of them through real world strategies. Join Andrew Wall for an eye-opening look at the deficiencies of modern-day selling and Sandler Training's tactics to manage it.

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Tactic #1: Get permission to interrupt.

Nick had spent the weekend endlessly rewriting his cold call telephone script. Finally having gotten it down to two pages, having made sure to have an answer regardless of what the prospect said, he w... Read more...

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Finn Poulstrup - Johnson & Associates Real Estate

Nathan Helder - Gelderman Landscaping

Denise Gervais - WSI We Simplify the Internet

Denise Gervais - WSI, We Simplify the Internet discusses how Sandler Training and Andrew Wall helped her achieve success.


Tue 07/22

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Tue 07/22

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The Year is Half Over...Are You on Target to Meet Your Sales Goals?

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